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wedding photographer taking a picture

About me

I love what I do. I love photography. I love lighting. I love the technicalities.


I am one of the lucky few who are able to make a profession out of their passion. As cheesy as that sounds, it is an awesome advantage to have, especially when shooting weddings. A wedding is a one of the most important events of two people’s lives, the memories to which you will relive over and over again. Not to mention the investment that goes into the Big or Not-so-big Fat Indian wedding. Who you need by your side is a photographer that can capture the honesty of the moment - real people, real emotions, real locations… even through the unpredictable chaos that is a part of every wedding. Trust me, I know.

When I returned to India, I was excited to start applying all that I had learnt during my studies and experience abroad. I naively assumed that the skill and experience will be seamlessly transferable. Boy was I wrong! Indian weddings, as it turns out, are much more chaotic, colorful and adventurous with a whole mix of cultural variation thrown in. With experience I have learnt the importance of the Kanyadaan for the Punjabi, Appaginthalu for the Telugu and the Giving-Away-Of-The-Bride for the Christian weddings. All these mean the same but the context differs. The emotions are the same but the setting differs. The subjects are the same but their clothes and rituals differ. My job is to make all this work to my and my lenses advantage and deliver to you a beautiful storybook from your gorgeous and everlasting wedding!



"Wedding photography without the cheesy taglines"


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